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Online Health Appraisal

Skype Consultation With Tamarin

At Urban Remedy, we appreciate that getting to see Tamarin at her clinic isn't always an option. So we have developed an online holistic health check which involves a Skype consultation and completing a confidential health questionnaire online. It's easy, effective and can be done from anywhere in the world!

If you are concerned about a specific health issue or ready for your yearly health WOF then this is a great option for you.  After you have completed your 30minute online health questionnaire we then set up a time for your Skype consultation to discuss the results.

To further asses the state of your health during the Skype call we use the Traditional Chinese methods of tongue and face diagnosis to determine your Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) constitutional diagnosis as well as asking you specific questions about your symptoms or health goals. Your TCM diagnosis is essential when selecting herbs and foods to match your constitution and improve your health.  


From the information you give us, the Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner can then understand how the flow of energy, blood, vital nutrients and waste are circulated throughout your body systems and what is required to restore the balance of Yin & Yang within your body.


The online health appraisal questionnaire is designed to assess the level of function within each of your body's organ systems on a scale of low, medium or high priority. This questionnaire also helps the TCM practitioner to gain a deeper insight into your inner health. By picking up any health concerns that you might not be aware of yet, the questionnaire results also enable the TCM practitioner to restore health before any physical or serious symptoms arise.

The systems assessed in the health appraisal include the: immune, digestive, detoxification, elimination, reproductive, circulation, musculo-skeletal and endocrine system.

  Online Health Appraisal Feedback  I have been taking the herbs as instructed after our conversation

and the assessment online. You have done it again Tamarin!

My health has drastically improved. Thank you!

This is a great service you provide.  Online Health Appraisal Feedback Birte - Picton, NZ

Online Health Appraisal
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Tamarin has over 20 years of clinical experience
as a health practitioner using traditional methods
of acupuncture & Chinese medicine.

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