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"What a great book you have written and a great resource. I have used Grow Me Well already today on a 12 year old to show her the good effects of an alkaline diet. She read it while her mum had treatment. I think it is especially good that you incorporate the political aspects of poor food choices, and branch into the deep stuff of the enteric nervous system as well. We all need this well rounded approach to our diet!"

Jenny Allison, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (Auckland, NZ) 
"I absolutely love your book, “Grow Me Well”. It doesn’t matter what page I open,  there is always something new and fascinating to learn about food and what we put in our mouths.
You have produced a wonderfully accessible, informative book with delightful and funny illustrations, in just a few pages – a book to enjoy and share as well as to educate.I will probably be ordering more copies! 
I saw Dr Peter Gluckman on Q&A talking about our obesity problem in NZ last Sunday and he stressed how important it is to know from  before birth how to feed our children right, especially at the weaning stage, as this sets patterns and physiological expectations for life (scary!). 

I think “Grow Me Well” is so important and so topical that it should be available to young mothers at Plunket and in health clinics, from GPs,  as well as in schools for teachers to use with their classes.  Is that a possibility in the near future?  Send a copy to the Minister of Health! All the very best for the future of your wonderful book!"
                                                                                    - Angela, Great Grandmother (Auckland, NZ)
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We love books! And as a family run business in New Zealand we are dedicated to helping people live healthier lives.We believe that wellness begins within and our aim is to inspire people to live well with our books and courses.

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